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Simulated Diamond Jewelry

Here at Jewelure, we feature high end cubic zirconia jewelry made to the quality you would expect from fine jewelry boutiques. Unlike mainstream mass produced cz jewelry, our items are designed to give you the true experience of exquisite natural diamond jewelry. Our jewelry is conflict-free, worry-free as it is man-made and thus very affordable. Our items are also environmentally friendly as no mining was involved and no ecosystems were damaged during the manufacturing process.

Our cubic zirconia jewelry is unique because the majority of our line is made with AAA or ideal cut 5A flawless Zirconia stones. These high end man made diamonds are the overall best alternative to natural diamonds available. Most pave set items with stones under 2mm in size are set with Signity CZ stones by Swarovski.  Signity CZ offers superior sparkle compared to other small sized CZ and even many natural diamonds. We invest more in our products because the beauty is in the details. Details lead to life long fans. What we offer is the simply the overall best jewelry for your money coupled with a dedication to genuine customer care.

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